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6.8kW Ducted System Air Conditioner | UBN24R



Wi-Fi Smart Control Compatible

Come Home to Comfort

The LG ThinQ® App* lets you access and control your air conditioner with your smartphone* even when you're not at home, so you can come home to comfort. (Optional Wi-Fi dongle module sold separately).

Ducted Air Conditioner

*Wi-Fi Dongle Module required. Sold separately. Feature can be accessed using LG ThinQ® App on Android (v 4.1 or later) iOS (v iOS9 or later) smartphone. Internet connection required.

Minimised Height

Slim ducts provide an ideal solution for installation in limited space.

Ducted Air Conditioners

E.S.P. (External Static Pressure) Control

This function easily controls the volume of air with a remote controller. The BLDC motor can control fan speed and air volume regardless of the external static pressure. Additional accessories are not required to control air flow.

Ducted Air Conditioning

High Head Drain Pump

The high head drain pump automatically drains water up to a height of 700mm of drain-head height. It provides the perfect solution for the draining of water. (Optional Accessory (ABDPG)).

Ducted Air Con


Rated Capacity - Cooling
6.80 kW

Rated Capacity - Heating
7.50 kW

Capacity Range - Cooling (Min - Max)
2.8 ~ 7.8 kW

Capacity Range - Heating (Min - Max)
3.2 ~ 8.3 kW

Rated Power Input - Cooling
2.08 kW

Rated Power Input - Heating
2.21 kW

AEER/ACOP (Cooling/Heating)
3.254 / 3.377

EER/COP (Cooling/Heating)
3.277 / 3.400

Rated Current (Cooling/Heating)
9.00 / 9.80 A

Max. Current (Full Load Amps) - Indoor Unit
1.6 A

Max. Current (Full Load Amps) - Set
17 A

Air Flow Rate (Min ~ Max)
170 ~ 396 L/s

External Static Pressure
25 ~ 150 Pa


Sound Level at 1.5m (H/M/L)
35 / 34 / 32 Pressure dB(A)

Dimensions (W x H x D)
900 x 270 x 700 mm

24.2 kg


Sound Level at 1.5m (Cooling/Heating)
48 / 52 Pressure dB(A)

Sound Power Level
67 dB(A)

Dimensions (W x H x D)
950 x 834 x 330 mm

56.1 kg


Power Supply
220-240, 1, 50 V / Phase / Hz

Circuit Breaker
25 A

Compressor Type
Twin Rotary

Refrigerant Type

Refrigerant Weight
1.6 kg

Refrigerant Precharged Length
7.5 m

Pipe Sizes (Liquid)
∅ 9.52 (3/8) mm/inch

Pipe Sizes (Gas)
∅ 15.88 (5/8) mm/inch

Pipe Sizes (Drain OD/ID)
∅ 32 / 25 mm

Pipe Length (Min/Max)
5/50 m

Max. Height Difference (ODU - IDU)
30 m

Supply Air Opening (Hx W, Flange)
200 x 857 mm

Return Air Opening (Hx W, Flange)
231 x 850 mm

Continuous Operating Range - Cooling
-15 ~ 48 °C DB

Continuous Operating Range - Heating
-18 ~ 18 °C WB

Wi-Fi Compatible

6.8kW Ducted System Air Conditioner | UBN24R